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Angela J. Herrington  (specializing in faith deconstruction)

"I offer private and group coaching for people trying to untangle their lives from toxic religious culture. I’d LOVE to be by your side, cheering you on as you create a vibrant faith that nourishes you!"

Dr. Camden Morgante  (specializing in purity culture recovery)

"Online, one-on-one coaching for women and couples recovering from purity culture, exploring egalitarianism, or establishing new beliefs! Heal from the effects of purity culture, embrace shame-free sexuality, and navigate faith reconstruction."

Tara Teng  (specializing in somatics/embodiment)

"Have you ever felt pressure to fit into a “box”? To be a certain type of person or live in an “ideal body”? Embodiment gives us the opportunity to return home to our full selves, confront limiting beliefs that no longer serve us and reclaim the parts of ourselves that we pushed aside in shame. In 1:1 Somatic Coaching, we explore how to live out the fullness of our humanity - mind, body and soul."

Trisha Wilkerson  (specializing in wholistic wellness and nutrition)

"Welcome to the Wilderness, where the air is fresh and free, where we relearn how to breathe, believe, and reclaim our bodies, minds, and souls."

Leslie Nease  (specializing in life and faith transitions)

Joy Vetterlein  (specializing in reimagining your life "After Faith")

"I help post-evangelicals figure out how to lose their religion without losing their souls—or themselves—in the process."

Matt Shantz  (specializing in spiritual trauma)

"I provide spiritual care and mentorship for wholeness, embracing a client-centered and compassionate approach. My focus is on integrating and supporting spirituality; to nurture emotional wellness, respecting individual beliefs and experiences. Through active listening and non-judgmental guidance, I hope to empower individuals to find meaning, strength, faith and hope.."

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