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Deconstructing Mamas Private Patreon Community 

"Join our private PATREON group. For as little as $3/month, you will get lots of extras from Lizz and Esther, including deeper discussions about topics on the podcast, first dibs on knowing about future exciting projects and perhaps some special deals exclusive to those projects and our NEW QUARTERLY ZOOM DISCUSSION GROUP where we dive lots deeper into the things we need to sort out with parenting and deconstructing."

Rewilding Your Soul with Mary DeJong  (specializing in ecotheology and connection with nature)

"Commit to a soul journey through the whole wheel of the year! Every season that we move through throughout the year has tremendous potential and meaning for our soul formation. In the Wild Seasons rewilding courses, you will be companioned around the calendar of the year, deepening into the ways the more-than-human world resources you and expresses aspects of the Sacred Wild. The Wild Seasons Series will reconnect you to the much-needed personal and collective response in tending to the Earth as a spiritual expression and practice. "

The Practice Co App with Liz Milani (a platitude-free daily devotional app)

"It’s my huge privilege to write daily posts, meditations and reflections especially aimed to get you back in your body, no running or hiding doing spirituality your way, on your own terms, in ways that light you up and connect you into The Divine.."

Between Facebook Group with Matt Mattson (specializing in true connection with others)

"BETWEEN is a new kind of faith community — focused on the intersection of your faith and human connection. We are a highly inclusive global community of spiritually driven and faith-inspired people (including believers, non-believers, former believers, and spiritual wanderers) who believe the most sacred space on earth is the space between ourselves and the next person we encounter. Our favorite “church” is the space BETWEEN people, and we invite you to help us build that church in your communities, at coffee shops, at your family dinner tables, with strangers at the grocery store, and in all of your relationships. Weekly sermons, online community, daily inspiration, and more."

Religious Rehab with Leslie Nease (online support group for deconstruction)

"Religious Rehab is a safe and confidential place to share, listen, and learn about various areas of religious deconstruction while connecting with others on the same journey. Finding community in deconstruction is essential and unfortunately, it can be challenging. This group was created to hold space for those seeking community and connection during this incredibly lonely time.."

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