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Shelly Robinson  (specializing in "raising yourself")

"II’m a mom of two, founder of Raising Yourself, certified family wellness coach, author of the Rebirth Journal, and creator behind the Connected Collection, a powerful bundle of transformational parenting tools. "

Sarah Swartzendruber (Parenting After Deconstruction Cohort + Kids Curriculum)

"Hi, I’m Sarah, a pastor and parent passionate about empowering parents in deconstruction to create spiritual practices for their kids. We are a community of parents who knows it's okay to no longer be SURE."

Meredith Miller (specializing in the Bible and kids)

"I’m a pastor and parent who helps grownups, and the kids they love, engage with the Bible and faith in ways that are life-giving, fun, and a fit for their real lives."

Cindy Wang Brandt  (parenting after religious trauma community)

"Parenting after religious trauma is hard work but you don’t have to do it alone. I have been helping parents for the past 6 years find community and support for this work of healing and recovery."

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