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Heard & Held with our own Esther Joy Goetz
(uncovering, recovering and discovering your true Self)

"Welcome to my sanctuary of self-discovery and spiritual guidance. At Heard & Held, I believe in the transformative power of spiritual direction—a sacred journey that invites individuals to explore their inner landscapes, deepen their connection with the divine, and cultivate a more meaningful and purposeful life."

Danielle Shroyer

(specializing in dream work)

"My intent and focus in spiritual direction is to be your companion as you discern what God may be showing you, calling you to do, and asking you leave behind."

Kyndall Rothaus
(specializing in religious trauma for LGBTQIA+)

"I approach my clients with deep respect, trust, curiosity, and awe. I believe the wisdom you need is already inside you—it’s my job to help you find it. The work of the spiritual director is to bear compassionate witness to the depths of your life, and, where appropriate, call forth the transformation your soul is in the process of birthing. In my practice, I work most often with LGBTQIA+ individuals, women, and clergy, although not exclusively those categories. I am particularly interested in the process of healing from religious trauma, church hurt, and patriarchy—finding how to reconnect with our spiritual selves in a way that is honest and authentic, never forced."

Analise Hume
(specializing in embodiment)

"A Spiritual Direction session is an hour set aside to pay attention to God's movement in and around you. It is a time to search, listen, wrestle, and rest in the Divine.  Together we pay attention to how the Spirit might be nudging, inviting, and healing you. Spiritual Direction enables you to listen to yourself and God."

Mary DeJong

(eco-spiritual direction and companionship)

"Mary integrates spiritual direction, eco-psychology, and applied mythology to companion individuals seeking a restored connection with the entire community of creation. Through direct experiences in nature, Wild Soul Guidance fosters deep awareness of and attunement to the magic of life around us, reminding us that our human existence is intertwined with the biosphere. This guided journey activates practices of presence, sensing, and exploring barriers to the inherent vibrancy within the natural world. By combining eco-psychology methods, mystical practices, and mythology, we navigate the rich landscape of the soul. The desired outcome is a profound "eco-awakening" that dispels the illusion of separation between humans and nature in our increasingly urbanized world, offering healing for holistic spiritual well-being."

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