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Molly LaCroix, LMFT  (specializing in Internal Family Systems)

"I work with clients healing from trauma and adversity, including adverse religious experiences. The Internal Family Systems (IFS) model helps understand and heal both the impact of high-control religion and what motivates people who are perpetrating harm, knowingly or unknowingly."

Dr. Laura Anderson  (specializing in spiritual trauma and purity culture recovery)

"Hi! I’m a licensed psychotherapist, trauma resolution coach, religious trauma consultant, speaker, author, and educator. I am on a mission to provide religious trauma-informed support and resources to survivors of and those helping survivors of religious trauma, adverse religious experiences (AREs), faith deconstruction, cults, spiritual abuse, and leaving high demand/high control systems."

**Be mindful that therapists may be limited to the laws of their state and where they can practice**

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