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Countdown to Season Two (Grace & Space - A Newsletter from the Deconstructing Mamas

Eight days from now, our podcast Season Two will be live. Season One took off like a shot with guests like Liz Milani from the Practice Co, Jared Byas and Pete Enns from the Bible For Normal People, Cindy Wang Brant from Parenting Forward, David Hayward, the Naked Pastor and so many others that filled our hearts with goodness and healing. As we reflect on Season One, we've had so many take aways and wanted to just share the golden nuggets that we've gleaned for ourselves as we continue to learn and grow and provide GRACE and SPACE for you along your own evolving faith journey intertwined with your parenting.

  1. Lizz and Esther couldn't have chosen better people to do this with and we hope we get to continue this for a long long time. Lizz' compassionate heart and creative bones alongside Esther's fierce passion to bring healing, plus her ability to do all things administration is just the secret sauce this podcast needs. Esther + Lizz = more incredible Deconstructing Mamas podcasts to come.

  2. It's been more complicated emotionally than we could have imagined. We've lost friendships, had intense discussions with those who disagree, been cheered for by those who need our voices, and been tossed around inside ourselves as we navigate this tricky tightrope along with the rest of you.

  3. Making good boundaries with social media and figuring out how much to invest in this basically "free" space, while, at the same time, trying hard to provide an excellent resource for you, is difficult. It really is almost a full-time job when done well. We are going to take it seriously to ask for help from you so that it can become better and better ($3 will do...less than the price of a gallon of gas at this point), which you can do RIGHT HERE.

  4. Our favorite things in the whole world, when it comes to this space, are two-fold: (1) the conversations with people that are clinging to hope, justice, healing, freedom and harmony nourish us deeply and we know they do the same for you AND (2) the communities (and especially our private community on Facebook) on social media where you share your own stories and heart with us. Thank you for that!!

  5. We are highly committed to being a place of nuance and curiosity, one where harmony and faith expressing itself in love is our highest goal, and we ALL have permission to be right where we are on this journey of faith. We want to make room for anger, but not vitriol, grief, but not blaming, justice that's restorative, not retributive, and unity, not uniformity. And as always, GRACE and SPACE for us ALL in the middle of the beautiful mess we call humanity.

Season Two is sure to be more than we could have ever imagined and the voices you will hear and the conversations to come are worth every moment that you take to listen. We can't wait! It all starts Tuesday, September 13, at midnight Eastern Standard Time.


Latest News: Sneak Peek for Our New Season

We have been interviewing and recording all summer in preparation for our new season. Our guests include Brian McLaren, Joy Vetterlein, Molly LaCroix, Angela Herrington, Lizz's dad (otherwise known as Pete Enns), Ben Cremer, Daneen Akers, Shelly Robinson, Erika Graham, Brittany Meng, Cassie Gottula Shaw, Danielle Shroyer, and a special episode to kick it off with Lizz and Esther, who dive deep into the grief associated with deconstructing. We will explore how we can heal from purity culture, what we do with our faith after doubt, raising ourselves while conscious parenting, decoding original blessing and debunking original sin, recovering from church hurt, and SO MUCH MORE.

Our Private Facebook Community Don't forget to sign up for our private and exclusive Deconstructing Mamas community on Facebook for those of you who want to move to the next level with us via our Patreon platform.

DIPPING YOUR TOES At this level, for as little as $3, you can ask questions, experience a safe and welcoming community with others who are deconstructing and receive special surprises along the way from Lizz and Esther.

You will also have access to our private Youtube podcast videos that are solely for Patreon supporters (coming soon). Head to this LINK to sign up!!



Our weekly shoutout goes to Kat Wordsworth from @about_doubt on Instagram. Here's what she has to say... "Although doubt is normal, it is not often a visible conversation with Christian culture. This silence can lead to intense shame and isolation for those who experience it."

The purpose of sharing my story is to help raise understanding for those who don't doubt and offer company and comfort to those that do."


We want to again remind you that we are so glad you are here. We wouldn't be the same without you. You will always find GRACE for where you've been and who you are now, and SPACE for who you are becoming and will be.

Carry on, our new-found friends. Welcome to the twisty-windy, full -of-adventure faith path that's laid out before us all. Love,

Lizz & Esther

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