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Sacred Doubt (Grace & Space - A Newsletter from the Deconstructing Mamas)

Being “saved” by God is an ongoing process of growth and transformation, of dying and rising, of being “conformed to the image of his [God’s] Son,” as Paul puts it (Rom. 8:29). Following Jesus means experiencing the taste of resurrection and ascension now—whether doing laundry, paying bills, or leading nations.

Getting there is all about dying, and each cycle of dying and rising we come to in our lives brings us, I believe, to greater insight into our deep selves, where Christ lives “in us” and our lives are “hidden” in God [Colossians 3:3].

Of course, we all know that dying, rising again, Christ in me, hidden in God, and seated in heaven are metaphors—the use of common language to grasp the uncommon, a reality too deep and thick for conventional vocabulary. Following Jesus is an inside-out transformation so thorough that dying and coming back to life is the best way to put it.

Doubt signals that this process of dying and rising is underway. Though God feels far away, at that moment God may be closer than we realize—especially if “know what you believe” is how we’re used to thinking of our faith.

Doubt isn’t cool, hipster, or chic. Doubt isn’t a new source of pride. Don’t go looking for doubt; don’t tempt it to arrive out of time. But neither is doubt the terrifying final word.

Doubt is sacred. Doubt is God’s instrument, will arrive in God’s time, and will come from unexpected places—places out of your control. And when it does, resist the fight-or-flight impulse. Pass through it—patiently, honestly, and courageously for however long it takes. True transformation takes time.

Being conscious of this process does not relieve the pain of doubt, but it may help circumnavigate our corrupted instinct, which is to fear doubt as the enemy to be slain. Rather, supported by people we trust not to judge us, we work on welcoming the process as a gift—which is hard to do when our entire life narrative is falling down around us. But we are learning in that season, as Qohelet did, to trust God anyway and not to trust our “correct” thinking about God.

Doubt is divine tough love. God means to have all of us, not just the surface, going-to-church, volunteering part. Not just the part people see, but the parts so buried no one sees them.

Not even us. **an excerpt from the book, "The Sin of Certainty" by Pete Enns**


Latest News: IT'S KIND-OF GONE VIRAL INSTA REEL This last week, we posted a reel that if you missed, you don't want to. Feel free to add anything else to the comments that Deconstruction is NOT! Or that it IS. CLICK ON PIC BELOW!

A summer BONUS EPISODE is coming out NEXT TUESDAY! We can't wait to share it with you! July is flying by and we want to give you something to look forward to. We know we are! Don't forget to sign up for our private and exclusive Deconstructing Mamas community on Facebook for those of you who want to move to the next level with us via our Patreon platform.

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Resources (This Week: a light-hearted hilarious podcast) Deconstructing an be exhausting and serious and sometimes very angering. SO...we are all about all the feelings, not just the harder ones. If you need something just to laugh at your former self or perhaps the church world, this podcast is for you. Here is the link: MEGA, the Podcast


From the Podcast

Pete Enns is Lizz's dad. That's what he's most famous for, as you all know. He's also kind of well-known for all the books he's written and that fact that he's a Bible nerd ("scholar") and also his lovely podcast with Jared Byas called The Bible for Normal People. We loved our conversation with him (especially the bantering back and forth between him and Lizz). So if you haven't given it a listen, DO IT NOW! It's worth your 52 minutes in the car when you are driving on one of your thousands of errands that you have to do in the summer or if you need a walk break away from your family. CHECK IT OUT HERE: SNAKES DON'T TALK - PETE ENNS


FOLLOW PETE on SOCIALS Website: Facebook: Pete Enns

Instagram: @peteenns Twitter: @peteenns


We want to again remind you that we are so glad you are here. We wouldn't be the same without you. You will always find GRACE for where you've been and who you are now, and SPACE for who you are becoming and will be.

Carry on, our new-found friends. Welcome to the twisty-windy, full -of-adventure faith path that's laid out before us all. Love,

Lizz & Esther P.S. One last bonus could we NOT? Esther did a quick six-minute chat on social media about how to forgive a former version of yourself, maybe the Calvinist version, or the fundy version or whatever version you are now appalled by. CHECK IT OUT HERE! (also, how big are her lip-filler needed for her)

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