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Not Quite Enough - Lizz Enns Petters (Season 1, Episode 1)

To launch our Deconstructing Mamas podcast (LIVE on March 1st), Lizz Enns Petters, one of the dynamic hosting duo, shares her story of hardship, heartbreak, and hope. Find out how "not quite good enough and not quite bad enough" landed her in some very unlikely real life spaces and why she started to go down the path to deconstruct her faith and what good words she has for you today.


Lizz Enns Petters, daughter of Bible scholar, Pete Enns, is on a mission to bring hope into the most awful of places, where mental health suffers at the hands of a rigid faith systems. Website: Facebook: Lizz Enns Petters, The Deconstructed Mama Instagram: @lizzennspetters Twitter: @eepetters

OTHER MENTIONS: Bible for Normal People

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